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Educational Programs

We provide online and/or in person educational seminars in order to educate the general public about Human Trafficking. We also hold all day seminars geared toward individuals that need CEU’s. Our seminars educate on what human trafficking is, how it happens, who it happens to, internet safety, myths, signs to look for and more.

To book Founder, Rebecca Cary, to educate about Human Trafficking and to share her story, go to: 


HOJ provides anywhere from 65 to 110 Freedom bags to potential victims of human trafficking every month. We partner with four other organizations in order to have these bags given out in the strip clubs, brothels, and streets of Houston. We also share these bags with women that go in for their forensic exams and to Survivors going to therapy for the first time. Our Amazon Wish List of items can be found here:
Support Groups
A Supportive Hug

Support Groups

You are not alone!

Hands of Justice provides several options for Survivor led and healing centered support groups for Overcomers or family members of victims. Please see active groups below and register with us today. 



Online groups:

  • Overcomer group - every other Tuesday at 7pm (CST), nationwide

  • Families of Victims - every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 6:30am (CST), nationwide
    • starts November 13.​

In Person Groups:

  • Overcomer group - every other Saturday at 11am, Houston, Texas

  • Overcomer group -  every other Monday night at 6:30pm, Conroe, Texas

  • Overcomer group - every other Saturday, Local to Tomball/Cypress, Texas 

  • Overcomer group - every other Tuesday at noon, Local to Lubbock, Texas

  • Overcomer group for men - every other Tuesday at 6:30pm, Conroe, Texas

    • starts December 6. 


Group Registration
Which group would you like to join? (Chec all that apply)


A representative from Hands of Justice will contact you via email for any additional information

Meet our Support Group Leaders

Rebecca Cary

Rebecca Cary
Overcomer Leader
Online and in person Overcomer Group

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