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Economic Empowerment and Resource Center

Officially OPEN!!

Our new Economic Empowerment and Resource Center will provide a safe and welcoming place for Overcomers of Human Trafficking who are in need of additional help in their walk toward healing. This center will focus on opportunities to help these men and women with job skills, scholarships,  GED or College tutors, Survivor led support groups, therapy, classes that touch on finances, interview/resume support, self care, health, and more. 

To make an appointment for an assessment at the ERC, please contact Rebecca Cary here: 

Or call, 936-442-1089

Our Vision

Human Trafficking is a very individualized crime. What this means is that every individual's story is different. Hands of Justice strives to partner with Survivors in order to help lead them toward a healing centered program that will best suit their individual lifestyle and needs. We serve by helping Survivors realize their potential and to help them reach their goals and dreams for a better future.

Volunteer Opportunities

Each Volunteer will need to fill our online form and attend a 4 hour human trafficking/trauma training.
We are currently looking for dedicated volunteers in the following areas: 

1.  Office Admin
2. Intake / Assessment
3. Collaboration / Partner Admin
4. Dignity Boutique Organizers
5. GED / College Tutors
6. Specialty Class instructors
7. Volunteer Trainers
8. Educational Support
9. Job Trainee Support
10. Mentors

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