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Taking Action Against Human Trafficking

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We believe:

Our mission is to provide economic empowerment for survivors through awareness, outreach, survivor scholarships, and survivor led support groups.

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What we offer

 We aim to support Survivors of Human Trafficking by providing a safe place for them to come together and share life with each other.

Our Values


We aim to educate on the topic of human trafficking within our communities, schools, churches, small groups, etc.

We believe education is vital and knowledge empowers!



We acknowledge that Survivors need continued support.  We aim to support by providing a safe environment for Survivors to come together and do life with each other.



We value the lives of Survivors and want to help equip them for the future that they envision. We aim to help Survivors find empowerment through education, job skills, ongoing support and by providing needed resources. 



We are committed to helping each individual with honesty and integrity. We adhere to moral and ethical standards and believe in transparency from each staff, volunteer and partnering organizations. 


Results of Our Economic Empowerment Efforts


Individuals aided with significant school expenditures. 


HOJ sponsored Survivors in Support Groups


Individuals educated in on-site and online educational seminars


HOJ provided freedom bags 

The Team

Board of Directors

Becca Cary

Dawn Candy

Owner of I Promote You

Vice President

Jeff Newkirk

Founder of Understandable Solutions


Keatha Brown

Retired CPA


Christal Wilson
Healthcare Consultant / Insurance Broker


Bart Cary

Retired Business Sales/Board Treasurer


Allison Mundy

 Managing Attorney and Owner of Mundy Legal Services, PLLC

Advisory Council

Laurie Ables
Licensed Professional Counselor & Supervisor

Jill Alexander
Mother and Volunteer

Jennifer Chidester
Private/Corporate Specialized Event Manager

Taylor Coibion
Owner of The OC Wellness and Co-Founder of Young Professionals of Conroe

Julie Peters
Executive Regional Vice President at Arbonne

Traci Howeth

Retired Social Worker for Klein ISD