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Rebecca Cary

Founder and CEO of Hands of Justice


"Human Trafficking is not black and white. It is complex, dark and extremely hard to talk about. As an Overcomer, sharing my story never gets easier, however, it's ultimately the stories from the men and women that have endured this injustice that will ultimately stir people to action! I am honored to be a voice."

March 14th, 1984

A Bit About Becca:

Rebecca Cary is the Founder of Hands of Justice, Consultant, Speaker, Educator, and Overcomer Leader. She is a recent graduate of Sam Houston State University with a Masters in Victims Studies. She holds the Co-Chair and Survivor position on the board of the Montgomery County Coalition Against Human Trafficking and served on the Survivor Leader Council for the state of Texas for 2 years. She was featured in a PSA, as well as a short film, for the new Goya Care initiative, appeared on NBC, and has also been an endorser for the “Can you See Me” campaign, led by A21 in various cities throughout Texas. In May of 2022, she published her first book, When Silence Ends, which features Overcomer stories from across the United States. As of July 2022, Rebecca opened up an Economic Empowerment and Resource center for Survivors of Human Trafficking in Conroe, Texas. This is a first of it’s kind within the tri state area of Texas.


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